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Recognize Heat Exhaustion & Beat the Summer Heat

Do you know the signs of heatstroke or heat exhaustion within kids? Babies and toddlers have an increased risk of overheating because they're not as efficient at regulating their body temperature. With temperatures getting in the triple digits this weekend, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

~ A stomach or leg cramp. ~ Hot, dry, and red skin. ~ A temperature of 103°F & above without sweating. ~ A headache, which can cause irritability. ~ Restlessness ~ Lethargy ~ Vomiting ~ If their breath becomes shallow and quick. ~ Dizziness or confusion. ~ Unconsciousness.

Although them being red-faced, warm, thirsty, and sweaty are normal reactions to the heat, any abnormal reactions, such as the ones listed above, can be a troubling sign.

Keep yourself and your kiddos safe by cooling your "hot zones."

Our bodies have pressure points that act as "hot zones," meaning they get hotter quicker. When you feel uncomfortably hot, apply something cool, like an ice pack, frozen water bottle, or a cooling towel to these areas:

~ Temples ~ Neck ~ Ankles ~ Behind the knees ~ Wrists ~ Bends of your elbow.

Stay cool and hydrated, Fae Friends!


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