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A red-headed fairy smiles warmly as she looks into the camera. Yellow leaves fly from her hand toward the viewer.


What makes a party great and memorable? Yummy food and colorful decorations come to mind . . . What about entertainment? Entertainers give your party an extra boost of excitement – and Parties Galore is ready to do that!

We're faeries who specialize in creating smiles and happy memories! We travel all across Northern California, entertaining families at birthday parties, festivals, weddings, corporate and holiday parties, basically any time you want to have some fun! 

Our experience includes face painting at High Hill Ranch in Apple Hill, Macy's Girl Scout Thanksgiving Parade in the Roseville Galleria, The Merced County Fair, and the Banana Festival in Sacramento. We pride ourselves in using product that's safe for your skin. Our paint and glitter are cosmetic-grade and FDA-regulated (this is important because products like acrylic paint and craft glitter can hurt the eyes and skin). If you're ever concerned about your child having an allergic reaction, we're happy to do a quick patch test. 

So get ready to have some fun. Because we're about to put a smile on your face! 


We fly across Northern California, creating smiles & happy memories for families! We entertain at parties, events, festivals, and even weddings! We've worked with High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill, Amazon, Chase Bank, the Office of Councilmember Mai Vang, Macy's at the Roseville Galleria, the Rocklin Community Festival, and more!

We look forward to meeting you!

Head Fairy Millie is the owner and Lead Artist of Parties Galore. She is wearing her fairy costume, which is most known for, its giant, sparkly wings.

Head Fairy and Lead Artist
See my work below:

Ms. Tiffany is a Team Member who entertains at Parties Galore. Her specialty is face painting and glitter tattoos.

Fae Friend & Team Member
See my work below:

Vic is a Team Member of Parties Galore. They are an apprentice of Millie. They have a white flower and a red ladybug on each cheek.

Fae Friend and Apprentice
my work below:

Kristen is a Team Member of Parties Galore who specializes in face painting.
See my work below:
Fae Friend & Team Member
A lovely little girl with black skin is adorned with a face painting of a unicorn. There are white ears, a white and pink flower, and a gold unicorn horn shooting out silver glitter.
A ferocious boy with white skin wears a tiger face paint. The mouth of the tiger is open around his eye. The boy's mouth is open, showing he is growling like the tiger.
A cute little girl of Asian decent enjoys a face painting of a unicorn. There are two pink unicorn ears, a light pink horn in the center of her forehead, and a rainbow connecting everything.
A slightly older girl with white skin wears the face paint of a butterfly. White and blue flowers accent the design as well as pink, glittery lipstick.
Our Team
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