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Who's ready for some fun? We sure are! Contact us and let us know how we can best fit your needs. For scheduling purposes, we ask for two weeks' notice for bookings, however, we accept last-minute requests. A $25 rush fee will be applied to parties booked with less than five days' notice and a $50 rush fee is applied for bookings with less than three days' notice.

We require an hour and a half minimum for bookings. Please note, a travel fee is applied to all bookings. Party packages and pricing are listed below.

A young girl with Black skin is smiling as she enjoys her face paint. She is painted as Disney's Minnie Mouse.


Let your child's imagination run wild! Our talented face painters will excite your child with colorful and amazing designs.


($55 each additional half-hour)

* Unlimited face painting! Kids can even get their arms and hands painted, too. Face paint washes off with soap and water. 



Waterproof face painting is perfect for hot summer days because it won't drip or smudge from sweat. It's perfect for pool parties because it won't smear or wash off from the water!


($62.50 each additional half-hour)

*Washes off with Micellar Cleansing Water, Coconut oil, Baby Oil, and/or Loreal Gentle  Makeup Remover.

A glitter tattoo sparkles on the inside of a young girl's arm. The flower is a sparkly red adn the leaves are a deep green.


Glitter tattoos are a perfect for kids, teens, and even adults! They're sparkly, fun, and they're temporary!


($45 each additional half-hour)

*Glitter tattoos can last between 2 and 7 days. Each child will receive  a care card with tips on how to get the tattoo to last. For safety reasons, glitter tatts cannot go on the face.

A young boy with White skin is painted as Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The turtle's mark is a deep blue. There is a young girl with White skin on the right hand side of the photo. She is face painted as a pink, purple, and blue butterfly. White and purple flowers accent the design.


Get the best of both with this package! Your child and their guests can enjoy endless face painting and glitter tatts.


($92.50 each additional half hour)

*Unlimited face painting and glitter tattoos! Glitter tattoos can last up to a week (they can't go on the face) and face painting lasts until the area is washed.



Have you ever been INSIDE of a bubble? Enjoy a unique experience by seeing the world through the beautiful colors of a bubble.

$75 for 30 minutes

* Can ONLY be performed INDOORS.

A group of miscellaneous temporary tattoos. The temporary tattoos are colored in a shimmery gold and silver hue.


Shimmer tattoos are a favorite among teens and young adults. They're shimmery, unique, and come in lots of extravagant designs.


($42.50 each additional half hour)

*Shimmer tattoos can be applied anywhere on the body except for the face. They can last 3-9 days, depending upon how often you wash the area where your tatt is.



Kids will enjoy playing with little bubbles, big bubbles, and long bubbles! Kids will also be able to use kid-sized bubble wands to make large bubbles themselves! This is all about playing outside, creating and popping bubbles.


($62.50 each additional half hour)

A group consisting of four adults and two children run toward a line of squishy balls that are placed on the ground. They are playing Dodgeball.

Does your child have energy? Let us take it to max! This package is full of fun party games that will excite your child and their friends.


($75 each additional half-hour)

*Party games vary depending upon the age range of the kids, as well as the environment (indoors/outdoors, sunny, rainy etc)



Your bubble artist will fascinate everyone with fun & captivating bubble tricks. Well-behaved children will be invited to come up & learn a few bubble tricks. For the grand finale, children & adults will enjoy being put INSIDE of a bubble!


(This is a 20 minute bubble show

and 40 minutes of Kid in a Bubble)

*Can ONLY be performed INDOORS.


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