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Kid ID Bracelets Make Festivals Less Scary for Lost Kids

You want your day to be stress-free when you take the kiddos out. 😊 And while it's not likely to happen, it's great to be prepared for the off-chance they get lost.

As a face painter, I've had several kids get separated from their guardians and hang out near my booth (or they'll linger near my booth after being face painted as their family is walking away, and with the large crowd, lose sight of their parents after just a few moments).

For some peace of mind, you can buy or make your kiddo an ID bracelet. Write their name, your name, contact info, and any relevant info (Allergies, special needs, non-verbal, etc) on it. This can help ensure a quick reunion and shorten a potentially scary situation. 🧡

Stay safe, Fae Friends!

Pic from: Living Well Mom. Click the link to learn how to make these!


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