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The "Kiddo Survival Kit" is Essential for Family Outings

How ready are you when you take your kiddos out for everyday errands? What about when the family goes to a festival or event?

Create a "Kiddo Survival Kit" by taking a fanny pack, utility belt, or backpack and filling it with helpful essentials. Some ideas are:

~ Sunscreen ~ Facial tissues and/or cleansing wipes ~ Hand sanitizer and/or everyone's mask ~ Everyone's favorite snack ~ Band aids ~ Extra diapers and/or change of clothes ~ Baby wipes (you never know if a changing table is available) ~ Sunglasses or hats to help protect from the sun. ~ Water bottles and/or juice. ~ A toy to help soothe or distract restless kids.

Taking something as simple as a bag full of items can help prepare you for any meltdowns . . . Making the difference between a stressful day and a calm one.


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