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Embrace your inner Dark Fae with this mysterious fairy wing hair clip! This glittery, gothic barrette is the perfect, romantic hair accessory for a masquerade. 

How large is it?
- The barrette measures approximately 2 inches in length and width. Please refer to the pictures provided. 

What is it made of?
- It's made with resin, glitter, a mini craft paper flower, and fae magic!

What if I want to change some colors?
- You're more than welcome to change the color of the flower and/or hair clip. Feel free to message me to see what colors if I have, as the options are based on current availability. Please note, the processing time for a custom requested order may take longer to create. 

Learn how you can wear this fun Fairy Kiss Hair Clip by watching the video in the item gallery. It'll show you how to properly handle this hair accessory.

Gothic Fairy Wing Hair Clip is the Perfect Romantic, Masquerade Hair Accessory

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