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Let's Make Things a Little Easier

How many times have you had to dig in your purse, frantically looking for a hair tie, because your kiddo's hair is too long and it's making it impossible to paint their face? Your daughter sits in the chair, eager and excited to get her face painted. This time she wants to be a fairy unicorn. Her brother wants a Captain America.

We're all excited, let's do this! The face painter moves her hair and tries to paint her face, but it keeps falling back onto her forehead. We're trying to make it work, but the hair just won't cooperate! You think of a way to help: A hair tie! But did you remember to bring it? Is it in your purse? Ugh, it's probably at the bottom, buried underneath everything, too. This is gonna be a while lol Don't worry, we've got you covered! Parties Galore is excited to introduce: Fairy Kiss Hair Clips! These vibrant and sparkly clips are the perfect way to secure your kiddos hair while they're being painted ~ while also showing off the design when it's done! You won't have to worry about them smearing the design as they try to move their hair out of their face throughout the day. The Fairy Kiss Hair Clips will help make sure that design stays clean and amazing (while also being an added boost of sparkle for your little one!). Each hair clip is unique, coming in a variety of colors and decorations.

And just like with face painting, it's for kids of ALL ages! Making it fun to mix and match with your little one. I'm hoping you and your little one will love them as much as I do. They've been real fun to make.

My goal is to make them available by the end of the month. Stay tuned for another announcement coming later this month!

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