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10 Games for your Kid's Virtual Birthday Party

Birthdays only happen once a year. Let's make it special.

Social distancing might have changed the way we party, but that doesn't mean we stop partying! Here are ten games to play during your virtual party:

1. Choose a theme. Let the kids get creative and dress up! 2. Sing karaoke. Pull up a YT vid, share your screen, and go! 3. Have a dance party. Create a kids playlist and let them wiggle! 4. Scavenger hunt. Set a timer and race to find the items! 5. Play games. Whether it's Jackbox, Cards, have at it! 6. Host a talent show. Let these talented kids show you their stuff! 7. Word games. How many words can you make from one word? 8. Scattegories (Instructions online). 9. Make your own game on Triviamaker. 10. Superhero. You have one minute to make/find a costume, go!

What games does your kiddo like to play over Zoom? Share their favorites below so we can all play! :)

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