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Hey, Fae Friend! I'm excited to announce the Parties Galore "Fairy Kiss Hair Clips" will launch tomorrow, May 28th! Starting this Friday, you and your kiddos can tap into your inner fairy and adorn your hair with colorful and sparkly fairy wings. These fairy wings are truly unique. They come in a variety of colors, allowing you to pick and choose which hair clip, fairy wing, and flower you like best! You can also choose from a variety of sparkles. Some wings contain fine sparkles, thick sparkles, starburst sparkles . . . There's a lot to choose from! These wings are the perfect accessory to compliment your Fae (or Human) persona. ;) I'm currently cataloging each Fairy Kiss Hair Clip and am looking forward to launching them on my website (this one you're on right now lol) and on my Etsy page (@PartiesGaloreCA). Thank you for your patience with me during this process. I'm just as excited as you. ^_^

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